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iOS training in jodhpur

iOS Development

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iOS training in jodhpur

Increase in Apple products usage has already led to numerous iPhone application developments in market and there are millions and millions of apps yet to be developed. Under training you will develop many applications and some of will be submitted over apple play store.

Post training one would be able to develop grab a job as iOS developer or could do freelance work.

MODULE 01: Set Up Your Development Environment & Xcode

  • Getting to know Xcode 5
  • Push, pull, and manage your code with Git and GitHub.
  • Supports wide range of database and easy to integrate.
  • Use basic controls, like buttons, labels and text fields.

MODULE 02: Learn The Basics Of IOS App Development With Objective-C

  • Basic Objective-C Syntax – Numbers, Variables, Strings
  • If / Else Statements, Ternary Operator, Equality
  • Loops, Arrays, Dictionaries, Simple data types vs. Objects
  • Creating and building simple applications
  • Handling Basic Interaction
  • Creating basic view controllers
  • Monitoring events and actions
  • Creating advanced view controllers
  • Memory Management
  • Programmatic Interface creation
  • Integrating with core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc
  • Data: actions, preferences, files, and addresses
  • Debugging, testing the application
  • Core Data Integration
  • Advanced controllers – Navigation controller
  • Integrating with Core Services – Core Audio, Video
  • Push notification
  • Advanced Even Handling – Multi touch, Gesture Recognition
  • Maps overview and core location
  • Protocols and Categories
  • Communication with the Services
  • Using the Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth Programming

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