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PHP training in jodhpur

PHP is the most popular programming language to create dynamic web applications. PHP is a open source and server side scripting language, which can be integrated to MySQL or MongoDB easily. PHP stage is broadly utilized as an instrument in web advancement. Sites with extraordinary names, for example, Facebook, Yahoo, Myspace, Wikipedia and Digg keep running on PHP. For hopeful web designers, PHP would be extremely encouraging.

Welcome to Kakshalya, and welcome to this course on learn building dynamic web applications using PHP and MySQL. In this course you will learn how to create dynamic and data-driven web application, basic understanding of HTML and CSS as well as use of JavaScript.

Why should you Learn PHP for Web Development:

  • Easy to learn & implement: If you are familiar with basics of C & Perl or Java programming then certainly you would not face any difficulties in understanding the coding structure.
  • Open-source and runs with ease on various platforms.
  • Supports wide range of database and easy to integrate.
  • It has countless CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and frameworks (Codeigniter, Symfony, Laravel, Zend) to work on with own security layer.
  • High-performance and flexible code, less development time, easy to upgrade and cost effective.

Job opportunities in PHP:

As a fresher, a PHP Developer may not acquire all the more but rather after picking up experience steadily, one can harvest high profit. Sufficient learning of PHP and fine administrative aptitudes can get you the plum occupation of a PHP Project Manager.

According to the discoveries of Latest Survey, PHP is used by 84% of the significant web server. PHP Developers are among the most enthusiastic experts in the programming scene. Nearly, every MNC organization in India contracts PHP Developers consistently. In this way, the interest for gifted PHP Developers are going to ascend in the coming years.

Courses details:

Introduction of PHP

Basic introduction of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and structure of web applications as well as basics of PHP syntax and coding structure.

Structure: Syntax & Expressions

It includes PHP data types, syntax, array, functions, logical expressions and looping structure, working with forms.

Creating Web Page

How to design a webpage, elements and business logics, database connection and query structures and use of dynamic contents.


Error tracing and handing, code optimization, troubleshooting and website health improvement.

Live Projects

At the end we will create a dynamic web application and will work on live project.

Opportunities in web development

Get ready to learn from basic to advance PHP programming and imrpove your skills.

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